About Us

The California State Floral Association has served the flower industry for almost seven decades, acting as a voice for florists, growers, wholesalers and retailers through governmental and industry relations. From mom and pop flower shops to growers, wholesalers and floral teachers and students, CSFA has helped its members navigate an ever-changing marketplace by uniting all segments of the industry.

CSFA serves the industry through:

  • Listening to its members and addressing their concerns through government relations.

  • Promoting unity within the industry through sponsorship of seminars and conventions.

  • Promoting the California floral industry through online marketing and social media outreach.

  • Educating floral designers through the CCF certification program.

Governmental Relations

CSFA takes part in the California Agriculture Day on the state’s Capitol, participates in the annual legislative dinner, hosts a legislative action day at the state Capitol, and meets with governmental officials as needed to address industry concerns. CSFA focuses on issues like geographic misrepresentation, minimum wage, small business taxes, labor issue, water, land use, quarantines, grower tools and transportation laws. Most recently, CSFA was successful in assisting in the passage of Assembly Bill 1581. The assembly bill placed advertising restrictions on floral retailers who mislead the public into thinking they are local establishments, when in fact, they are located outside of the state.

Annual Convention and Design Competitions

The CSFA sponsors an annual convention with the California State Top Ten Design Competition, Trade Fair, New Variety Competition, Education Programs and a Student Competition, and the CCF exam.

Design Workshops

Throughout the year, CSFA hosts design workshops created to bring the latest in design concepts and techniques to floral designers.

California Certified Florist Certification

Helping good florists become great is what the CCF certification process is all about. As one of only 6 programs like it in the country, the CCF certification is highly regarded by the floral industry. The CCF program was the first to be recognized by the American Institute of Floral Designers (AIFD) as an approved education pathway to becoming an AIFD Designer. Today, the AIFD no longer has a pathway program, but many florists still view the CCF program as an affordable way to help prepare for the AIFD certification program, which uses many of the same testing criteria as CCF. Learn more about the program.

Our certification program allows growers and wholesalers to see the product they provide used to its fullest potential. From learning design basics to advanced techniques, the certification program elevates the professionalism and integrity of the floral industry as a whole.

Board of Directors

  • President
    David Marabella, Floral Supply Syndicate
  • Vice President
    Monnaie Pepin, CalFlowers
  • Secretary/Treasurer
    Wilton Lee, CCF: Lee’s Berkeley Florist & Nursery
  • Past President
    Lee Burcher, AIFD, CCF, CFD, PFCI: Floral Design Concept
  • Executive Vice President
    Alex Simmons, CSFA Office, Sacramento, CA.
  • Directors
  • Steven Brown AIFD, CCF, CFD: City College of San Francisco
  • Lily Chan AIFD, CFD, EMC: Event Designer
  • Mandy Garner CCF: Liberty Ranch High School
  • Valerie Lee, J. Miller Flowers and Gifts
  • Saren Rem: Long Beach City College
  • Krisit Short CCF: Modesto Junior College
  • Suzanne Skorheim CCF
  • Reina Sumbat AIFD, CCF, CFD: Fitzgerald’s Floral Events
  • Kay Wolff AIFD, CCF, Kay Wolff Design
  • Executive Vice President: Alex Simmons, CSFA Office